Castle – “Blacklands”

Castle – “Blacklands” (Van Records)

Castle are back – in black. When this off the wall trio from San Francisco (where else – Ed) emerged with their debut “In Witch Order” last year it was an interesting fusion of psychedelic occult inspired rock from the 70s, but amped up for this apocalyptic year! I guess one of the reasons for this was that it was originally conceived by guitarist, songwriter and producer Mat Davis as a solo project, with much of the material already written and demoed before bassist / vocalist (and soon to be spouse) Elizabeth Blackwell and drummer Al McCartney joined the band. As such, “Blacklands” is an altogether more structured affair with cleaner production and less gothic rumblings from Blackwell’s bass. However, her raw voice is even more prominent this time, making the doomier songs like ‘Corpse Candles’ even more haunting than they sound! Elsewhere, it’s more of a thrashier feel like on the chugging ‘Curses Of The Priests’ with its gruff dual male / female vocals, while the heavy n epic ‘Dying Breed’ allows Davis to close off in style with heaps of feedback and wailing psychedelic guitar, effectively trademarking Castle’s brand of ‘witch- thrash’!

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