Castle Freak – “Human Hive”


Castle Freak – “Human Hive” EP (

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Grinding Death Punk from the rotten suburbs of Philadelphia! Named after the mid 90s horror gore flick, Castle Freak the band are on par with its stalking slasher style with their own visceral sound! Heavily influenced by early Death, Dorrian era Napalm Death and original Misfits, along with early Mid Western bands like Impetigo and Repulsion, expect nothing less than monster Schuldiner riffs, Rick Rozz neo classical solos, dirty distorted bass and chugging punker-ola on the five pulverizing numbers making up this 4th offering since the band’s 2012 demo debut. Frontman founder Andrew Gigan’s vocals are a mixture of almost black metal screamo and guttural haunting rasps in the background, showing the band’s skill and measure in catchy, quality compositions like ‘Matul’, ‘Sickening Corpses’ and ‘Toxic Winds’. Completed by some cool voice overs and samples, Castle Freak bring back all the glorious memories of these pioneering bands both digitally and on this limited edition cassette! After a hiatus in 2015, these guys have returned anew now with Ben Anft on bass (Ex-Necropsy) and drummer Sebastian Phillips (Noisem), viciously yet tastefully tearing it up on this awesome EP!

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