Castle – “Welcome To The Graveyard”


Castle – “Welcome To The Graveyard” (Ván Records)

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Since the release of “Under Siege” in 2014, Castle have been on a relentless touring schedule across North America and Europe. Consisting of vocalist/bassist Elizabeth Blackwell, guitarist/vocalist Mat Davis and drummer Al McCartney, Castle continue on this 4th album as they traditionally have with their occult rock style brought vividly to life through Blackwell‘s haunting vocals and Davis’s classic doom guitar work. Formed in San Francisco in 2009, there’s a definite 70s vibe in both the look and sound of the band, and if anything, “Welcome To The Graveyard” takes that further in its 8 tracks. From the natural 70s guitar tone with its pulsating dirty sound come hard rock riffs, evil warbles and far out solos to match the occult groove that funks and rocks on songs like ‘Hammer and the Cross’, ‘Veil of Death’ and my fave in the Motorhead meets Sabbath ‘Flash of the Pentagram’ – awesome man! With Blackwell‘s vocals adding that mystical touch throughout and some dexterous, off the wall drumming from Al McCartney, “Welcome To The Graveyard”, which was recorded by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Eyehategod etc), is the next confident release from this talented trio prior to their next round of grueling touring.

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