Castles – “Fiction or Truth?”

(Palm Reader Records)

Indie screamo from Belgium! Definitely outta the ordinary, Castles remind me a lot of eclectic bands like Fugazi and Husker Du who brilliantly forged their own sound fusing a number of styles thought impossible at the time. Whilst Castles stop short of this themselves, they too have bravely experimented with Sub Pop grunge, modern hardcore and late 80s indie in nevertheless producing an interesting fusion album that certainly makes a lotta noise – along with a lotta love. Ed Godby’s abrasively hoarse vocals could have been tutored by Guy Picciotto himself while his guitar work is equally off the wall, whilst the rhythm of bassist Jérôme Considérant and drummer Bertrand Bourguignon seem like they’re on different circling planets as the band dance harshness around melody time and again. However, it does come together on songs like ‘Untame’, ‘Chew The Roots’ and ‘Boneshaker’ which, although intense aren’t so far up their arse as to be pretentious judging by the band’s inherent humor – they’re probably known as the three weirdos in the village lol! Despite their stolid name, Castles show plenty of promise as they kick off yet another round of left field rock music.

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