CATAMENIA “The Re-written Chapters”

“The Re-written Chapters”
(Massacre Records)
I have to admit that I’ve never cared too much for Catamenia. I’ve always looked upon them as some sort of second rate black metal wannabes from Finland. Perhaps wrong of me but never the less the truth. I might have been a bit too hasty in my judgement but hey it is too late to regret it now. With a new opportunity to actually get a picture of what the band is all about all I can say is that this sounded exactly like I had expected. Call it blackened heavy metal, call it black metal light, call it whatever you like, it still sounds… good. To my surprise I actually like this. Don’t know if it maturity with age from my side that has turned me over but I get a slight Dissection/Children Of Bodom feel listening to this. It’s hard enough to appeal to the black metal side of fans but still with enough melody to appeal to the more light hearted extreme metal fans. Anders Ekdahl

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