Cathexis – “Shades of Apocalypse”

Cathexis – “Shades of Apocalypse” (Mulligore Production)

Death metal from Austin, Texas. Formed by three buds and recorded over one hot summer in a garage, this is what death metal used to be all about: deep guttural vocals, whirring buzzsaw guitars, rumbling bass and harsh, relentless drumming. Conjuring up images of those early days with Obituary, Morbid Angel and even Absu, Cathexis may not be doing anything original, but it’s how they are doing it that counts! This has all the hallmarks of grade A old school death metal in songs like ‘Dethroned by the Pernicious’, ‘Oscillation of Destruction’ and ‘Inheritor of the Weak’. For such a young (and unknown) band they equally show unexpected skill in their musicianship all of which makes for a very promising package indeed! “Shades of Apocalypse” was actually recorded in 2012 and plans are already in the making for a follow up album due later this year and on the strength of this I’m signing up to the Cathexis brigade!

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