CAUTION: THIEVES “Songs from the Great Divide”

“Songs from the Great Divide”

Battle Helm Rating

For some reason I come to think of Cambria and Coheed just by reading this band’s name. I have no idea if they’ll match musically or if it is just my mind that takes the usual reroute instead of the A to B line. This feels like it is music for the more adventurous. I have a ton of different band names in my head that pops up when I hear this but I cannot name one single of them. It is a cornucopia in my head. But what I do pick up on is a bluesy vibe in CAUTION: THIEVES music. It isn’t a happy state of mind. It is more of a thinker kinda vibe. If I were to put a label on this it had to be post. Post hardcore, post emo, post rock. There is a vibe to this that strikes a chord in me. I find myself digging along to this as I write this review. Anders Ekdahl

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