Cavalera Conspiracy – “Pandemonium”


Cavalera Conspiracy – “Pandemonium” (Napalm Records)

The third album since the family reunion of the Cavalera brothers, “Pandemonium” was tentatively stated as being more grind core orientated but it doesn’t seem so here although there are certainly hints of it especially in the distorted bass on the blurring ‘Scum’. For the most part “Pandemonium” draws on the groove of Soulfly which may not be a surprise given guitarist Marc Rizzo is indeed Max’s sidekick in that very band! However, it also takes from the aggression of Sepultura especially during their “Chaos AD” or “Roots” eras especially with the ethnic punk / instrumental closer of ‘Porra’ although Cavalera Conspiracy’s sound is altogether more polished and the riffs less ugly and raw the way Andreas Kisser would crank em out, with Rizzo wanting to showcase his technical capability especially on his fluid classically influenced solos. That’s not to say that that songs like ‘I, Barbarian’ or ‘Father Of Hate’ are by any means easy going – far from it – as Igor Cavalera excels himself with some of the fastest drum work I’ve ever heard from him, and generally the material is so speedy it would leave any thrash band gasping for breath! Max retains his trademark gruff style which is perfectly suited here to the aggressive material that still thumbs its nose at authority on songs like ‘Banzai Samurai’ which is of course about Kamikaze suicide pilots – guess there’s still some Sepps in the man. “Pandemonium” does exactly what it says by driving a wedge between heavy groove and extreme metal and providing tasteful harmony the way only the legendary Cavalera brothers can do it – as Max would say: fuck shit up!!!

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