Cavalera Conspiracy – “Psychosis”

Cavalera Conspiracy – “Psychosis” (Napalm Records)

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Man, just how angry are these Cavaleras!?!? With both brothers now in their late 40s, it doesn’t seem like there’s been any let up in their furor since they formed the mighty Sepultura back in ’84! Formed out of schism and personal tragedy, Cavalera Conspiracy began in 2007, and since then have returned Max and Igor back to center stage where they belong (together). “Psychosis” is the band’s 4th album and aptly titled, with its 9 brutal tracks melding trademark Sepu-thrash with a much darker groove across a range of tempos. From the chugging dervish riff on ‘Spectral War’ Max’s hoarse vocals are unmistakable, but the demonic wailing guitars courtesy of Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, Il Nino) and haunting ambient touches here and there add a malevolent dimension quite different from the percussive tribal infusions of Sepultura. Likewise, on ‘Judas Pariah’ the tinny metallic guitars are more akin to black metal and as the track explodes into a blast beating frenzy with Igor going snare wrecking mental you do wonder if the Cavalera’s will be hitting the corpse paint – not so as a slow groove builds along with pagan horns as the song’s title disturbingly sounds out the track in spoken word. Bringing it altogether is the album’s closer ‘Excruciating’ with its diddly dee death metal warbling and dirty riffing accompanied by some neck snapping thrash beats, once again with epic pieces of wailing guitar and even tripping out to a prog passage before ending in a chaotic noise ensemble as befitting the album’s insane title. That said, “Psychosis” proves the Cavalera brothers are still very much together head wise and equally razor sharp in their ability to destroy!

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