Caveman Cult – “Supremacia Primordial”

Caveman Cult – “Supremacia Primordial” EP (Larval Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Utterly savage. Florida has spawned some extreme bands over time, but the ‘barbaric bestial death’ of the aptly named Caveman Cult takes it all to a new level. This is primitive noise played with no remorse and fuelled from the bile soaked bladders of crust punk, black and death metal (and probably too many serial killer novels). If the 4 ugly songs (and be thankful they didn’t put on more) are enough to hang your brain inside out, then think of what it’s done to this violent noise trio. Haunting primordial ‘vocals’, snare frenzied hyperspeed smashing drums, raw cheesegrater guitar driving out tortured solos and yes, I’m sure there’s a bass in there too – if you can escape past the wall of grind noise. Formed in 2014 and after a series of demos actually issuing a full length “Savage War Is Destiny” in 2016, this EP is the next assault, although not lacking in catchy if subtle rhythms and grooves which is what really makes this material deadly beyond its obvious intensity. From ‘Impaled Humanity Ablaze’, look deeper than the napalm scourge and the arrangements and hooks soon grab you while on ‘Metal Negro Antihumano’ (!) there’s a lot of South American influence with its massive noise riffing, sick vocals and possessed screamo. Ending with ‘Legions Of The Black Vomit’ and its an all out blast beat of militaristic drums, wailing guitar, even more screaming and crushing noise riffs – kinda like an outta control tank. “Supremacia Primordial” definitely lives up to its name so be forewarned. Just give yourself plenty of time to calm down afterwards…..

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