”The Wild”
(Rain Without End)

Battle Helm Rating

This band’s name makes me think of a girl’s name. I don’t know if that is good or bad for me but hey, I’ll give it a chance anyway. This could very well be a hell of an album despite what my mind tries to tell me. Listening to this leaves me confused. I don’t really know where to place this. Is it black metal? What kind of metal is this? It is not that I don’t like what I hear, it is just that I struggle with where to place if genre wise. For some strange reason my mind wanders towards the Swedish artist Thåström. He too has that theatrical aura that this has. And while I get more and more confused I find myself really liking what I hear. Which adds to the confusion. The angry vocals doesn’t really match the beautiful music yet together they work like hand in glove. A really confusing album but an album that I have fallen for totally. You gotta hear this too. Anders Ekdahl

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