CELTACHOR “Fiannaoích”


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I was there for CELTACHOR’s second demo “In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers”. I even interviewed them back then but somehow, we got separated and I lost touch with them. So I have not heard any of the previous albums. But I did like what this Irish lot had going back then and I like what they have going now. This is black/folk/pagan metal. and being Irish they have a huge heritage to dog from when it comes to writing cool stories. I somehow did imagine this to be even grander than it is. in a way I thought that this was going to me Primordial massive. But it isn’t. It is good. No question about it. I just wish that it was more of everything. That it was Bathory massive. This is one of those albums that will need time to really creep under your skin. Anders Ekdahl

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