CELTACHOR “In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers”

“In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers”
Ireland has a rich history that you as a metal band can draw from. Stories of bravery that fits perfectly to epic metal battles. Bands like Primordial, Cruachan and Mael Mordha all dig deep into the ancestry to dazzle you with tales of yonder. I like it. I have a penchant for the big, heroic stories found in most ancient tales. Another band that seems to have the same liking is Celtachor. Set against an extreme metal backdrop Celtachor tells a story of men once brave. This is stomp your feet, heave you tankard high and toast the victory metal. Epic metal to me is just this. You should be able to picture the battlefield all gory and bloody when you listen to an epic metal album. I get that listening to “In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers”. Anders Ekdahl

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