CELTACHOR “Nine Waves From The Shore”

“Nine Waves From The Shore”
I did an interview and review for their demo CD I think it was. I thought that they had potential back then. Now it is time for the full length album. Hopes are high and expectations are large for this to be a full on blow of pagan/dark/ call it what you like metal. This is so much better than I remembered this Irish bunch to be. As somebody that have a hell of a problem telling pagan and heathen metal apart from black metal I will call this black metal on the more epic (not symphonic) side. There is that great feeling of get ready for a battle to the music. Close your eyes and you can almost picture how the warriors gather getting ready to fight the ultimate fight. This is the kind of confidence boasting metal that we all need every now and then to get through life’s hardship. Anders Ekdahl

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