Cemetery Dance – “Poser Zombies”


Cemetery Dance – “Poser Zombies” (Soundflakes Studio)

Street sleaze punk n roll. The pix say it all with the band posing with a buncha ho’s from the local bordello. Mixing off key punk vox with growls and a bass heavy bottom sound the rest of the band come crashing in with skanking guitar work, double bass drumming but also some cool melodies and sing a long choruses that glitter like the neon stripbars on the street. Founded only last year in Athens from members of the Greek metal scene ( Nightfall, U.N.S.I.N., Nocta, Mopar, Skysent Lu), Cemetery Dance are unsurprisingly influenced by the punk, metal n rock of the 80s and 90s as well as the DIY ethic of having a live feel to their albums hence the dirty, plug in n play sound. It works a treat on songs like ‘Marching Dead’, ‘Part Of My Legacy’ and ‘Outspoken’ that have an energetic, street smart attitude that decries the death like existence of modern mundanity, preferring instead to live each moment of your life as you love it along with those ho’s lol!

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