Centinex – “Redeeming Filth”


Centinex – “Redeeming Filth” (Agonia Records)

Centinex are back! In case you didn’t know, this legendary 90s Swedish death metal band disbanded in 2006, but after an 8 year hiatus, decided to revive the spirit that was originally inspired by the original Florida scene by releasing this new, 9th full – length album. Interestingly Centinex aren’t your typical old school Swe-death band although they possess some of those traits with syrup thick, filthy distorted guitars a la Grave, along with Kam Lee bestial vocals and some Tom Warrior death grunts chucked in for good measure. Think slow, bottom heavy crushing riffs that are dark and macabre and you’ll certainly be feeling that brutality on songs like ‘When Bodies Are Deformed‘, ‘Without Motives‘ and ‘Dead, Buried And Forgotten! That said, there’s definitely a rhythm and dare I say it, groove, especially on their mid tempo material that draws heavily from Florida legends like Death or Obituary making Centinex somewhat uniquely placed as original practitioners re-visiting their original style(s)! If you’re after progression or slick, modern death metal then look elsewhere but if you’re into “Redeeming Filth” from the classic days then this is definitely the one for you!!!

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