Cerebral Rot – “Excretion Of Mortality”

Cerebral Rot – “Excretion Of Mortality” (20 Buck Spin)
Battle Helm Rating
Living up to their name with ample disgust, Cerebral Rot play ‘..Seattle Reeking Death Metal..’ that goes right back to the genre’s early primitive and gore splattered beginnings with little finesse in their twisted minds! Stomach churning right from its dense foreboding sound to its repugnant lyrical content, “Excretion Of Mortality” is offensive in every regard across its 7 brutal, bludgeoning tracks – and indeed intended as such. Having released their debut in 2019 with an EP in between, this sophomore captures the Seattle quartet’s grimness and sheer barbarism superbly through their incredibly tight performances clearly acknowledging the band’s superior composing and musicianship traits. As the whirring guitars of Ian Schwab (Astraes Pestis, Chronic Tomb, Crurifragium, Demoncy, Excarnated Entity, Hexenslaught, ex-Warpvomit) and Clyle Lindstrom (Caustic Wound, Fetid, ex-Of Corpse) mercilessly drill in on ‘ Vile Yolk of Contagion’ while smashing in monstrous riffs amid tortured tremolo wails, Drew O’Bryant (ex-Acid Feast) pounds in the tribal drumming while Zach Nehl (ex-Cauterized, ex-Chronic Tomb) ravages his ugly bass as Schwab growls with menace like a beast sharpening its claws in anticipation of its prey – awesome! Grinding in on ‘Retching Innards’, sick guitar squeals contrast the dense guitars and booming bass with O’Bryant’s brilliant cymbal percussion adding to the unpleasantness as Schwab babbles and belches before the song steamrollers off in a spectacular frenzy of wailing guitar insanity, feedback and massive, cascading waves of par excellence death metal at its best. Closing with the 11 minute ‘Crowning The Disgustulent (Breed of Repugnance)’, the dark ambient intro soon decays into more distorted sound waves graced by O’Bryant’s drum rolls before picking up the fretboard whirring as the grim riffs power and crash in the background like bombs going off, leaving Schwab’s gutturals pit fighting their way into the maelstrom while vividly adding even more darkness to the predatory atmosphere. This is foul, foul, foul but oh so good!
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