Chained And Desperate – “Divine Authority Abolishment”

Chained And Desperate
“Divine Authority Abolishment”
(Pitch Black Records)

There isn’t a whole lot of information about these melodic Greek black metallers, which is a shame cos they’ve been going for almost 20 years and they actually play a fine blend of heavy n black metal. Although not revelling in blood or evil stakes, musically they sound good from the dual male vocals of C.M. Ain’s screeching and Kostas Makris’s cleaner alternate style. However, it’s Panos Chained’s guitars that really make the difference with those melodies that clearly hark back to the days of heavy metal, and when he switches on the black, it’s straight outta the Marduk’s evil book of riffs working a treat on songs like ‘Rely on Fears’, ‘Ariadne’s Thread’, and ‘Curtains of Cold’. All in all a respectable sophomore from another hitherto undiscovered Greek talent, now unleashed thanks to Olympian metal gods at Pitch Black!
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