Battle Helm Rating

What do you get “by blending classic thrash and death with newer waves of metal and industrial”. You apparently get South African CHAOS DOCTRINE. Hailing from Johannesburg this band bring forth a mix that should suit all those of us into Sepultura/ Ministry/ Dimmu Borgir/ Behemoth and Slayer. As I like all those bands this should be right up my alley. After an intro it all burst into life. I can hear the Slayer in this. To be honest I expected this to explode after the intro and not start like something off the “Season In The Abyss” album. But once my initial disappointment settled and I gotten into the groove I realize that this is brutal in all its own. I also hear the industrial tones in this album. I might be strange this way, but I would have liked for more of everything, for the band to have taken it even a step more extreme. But that is me. This is still brutal stuff. If you like your thrash industrialized and Slayer-ified you should check this one out as it is a hell of an album. Anders Ekdahl

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