CHAOS ECHOES “Tone Of Things To Come”

“Tone Of Things To Come”
This is a totally unknown band to me. This one kinda just dropped in on me unknowingly making me feel like I’m in the dark about it. This could be anything from a turd to a shiny bar of gold. All I can say is that it didn’t quite match what I had thought it to be. There is an old school feeling to this that I haven’t been able to place just yet. Neither am I sure of where to place this musically either. Is it death metal, thrash metal or doom metal? Should this be placed in the instrumental compartment? Apparently this seems to be all of the above. And while I might have a hard time to pin point exactly what this is I can’t help liking it. Perhaps it is pure nostalgia that drives me to like this but any which way I can’t help liking this. This is one of those albums you gotta try for yourself to see if it fits you too. Anders Ekdahl

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