One of my greatest thrash metal experiences back in the 80s was Italian. Schizo’s “Main Frame Collapse” was a highlight of that decade. But that was almost four decades ago. What is the Italian thrash metal scene like today? If Chaos Theory are anything to go by then it is as vital as ever. “Bio-death” as a title might give you flashbacks to the good old days of Nuclear Assault, Evil Dead and what else they were called and to some extent Chaos Theory carries on that tradition. This is thrash metal on the aggressive side. No fancy melodies here. Just full on blast from start to finish. Not that I mind. I like my thrash to be aggressive and I like my thrash to be melodic. I’m just not too sure if the two fit together. But that is something I don’t have to worry about with Chaos Theory. This is just plain aggressive. Anders Ekdahl

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