CHAOSBAPHOMET “Promethean Black Flame”

“Promethean Black Flame”
(Deathrune Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know why but this Greek combo seems awfully familiar to me. It is as though I have heard of them before yet I cannot remember where and when. But since they formed in the early 2000s and have released a couple of demos and splits before this debut album there is a slight possibility that I have come upon them before. But it annoys the shit outta me that I cannot remember if I’ve been in touch with this band before. Their logo seems so familiar. This is black metal in the more theatrical school. It is not big or epic or symphonic but it still has that classic Greek drama feel to it. The one where it takes time to build up to the crescendo. If you are looking for instant gratification you oughtta look elsewhere. This takes time to get into. But once you do it offers plenty. Anders Ekdahl

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