“Death Evoked”
(FDK Rekotz)
This is just a demo released on tape. Well not just a demo. But that is what this is; a demo. I kinda miss those days when you got sent tapes instead of mp3s. There is something special to the feeling of holding a tape in your hands, opening it up and feel the smell of ink and plastic, looking at the cover and reading the thank you-list. Chapel Of Disease are death metal at the heavier end of the spectre. This is the stuff for those of us who still hold Autopsy, Asphyx and Nihilist and any other old death metal act in highest regards. This is a very basic form of death metal, call it old school if you like or just call it my youth. This is the kind of stuff that got me into death metal in the first place before any sort of melodies found its way into the style. Anders Ekdahl

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