Chapel Of Disease – “The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art”


Chapel Of Disease – “The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art” (FDA Rekotz)

The long awaited second album from this cult death metal band from Germany, Chapel Of Disease go well beyond the genre norm in producing one of the most atmospheric and at times haunting releases I’ve heard in a while. Sure, there’s the trademark diddly dee riffing characterized by early Death, the barrel chested Martin van Drunen roars but also some genuine Deutsch death inspired by the likes of early Morgoth, but equally the dark stoner doom of Sabbath especially in the stylish guitar work and epic finishes. At times the album is way off the scale, approaching early Kreator levels of hyperspeed thrash with out of control guitars and wild banshee solos, matched only by the fearsome wall of noise rhythm that bands liked Dissection invoked. However, it’s the atmospheric passages that really absorb the listener on deep, spiritually moving songs like ‘Life Is But A Burning Being’, ‘Masquerade In Red’ and ‘Lord Of All Death’. With dark, epic guitars that bring a haunting chill using their sustain while wailing solos echo in the distance, Laurent T’s vocals stalk you like a patient killer in the mist, allowing your fear to build with a brief hope of respite induced by tranquility before delivering the fatal blow! Inspired by literary geniuses like Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Dunsany and J.P. Hebel, Chapel Of Disease’s masterful compositions are in many ways poetically inspired, using death metal to express their deep thoughts on the mysterious cycle of life and death. I guess its no better depicted than on the equally poignant album cover illustrating babies falling from the night sky as the reaper leads others on their journey while a king, queen and priest look on nonchalantly. Cerebrally challenging with simultaneous emotional intensity, give yourself plenty of breathing room on “The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art” because its death metal with a real difference.

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