“Jade Hearts”
(AOR Records)
It is not often that I go CHASING VIOLETS. To be honest I never go CHASING VIOLETS. I’m not much of a flower guy, besides being allergic to pollen. Whenever I’m given flowers they end up dying in my window. Hopefully this lot will live longer than the flowers in my window. Melodic rock doesn’t really ay too much. It could be anything from the most mashed out tired old bullshit to stuff like Heart and Fiona. Thankfully CHASING VIOLETS end up in the latter category. This is music for those times when you want something softer but don’t want to turn on the radio to only be subjected to shit. If you liked Bon Jovi in the 80s or if you like artist like Pat Benatar and Robin Beck then you should give this a chance. And as I’m a huge fan of the mentioned artists (Bon Jovi included) I like this too. Anders Ekdahl

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