Cheerleader – “Vegas Or Bust”

“Vegas Or Bust”
(Angry Shark Records)

Unashamed Amerophiles, these Swedes have certainly made an impression having just landed the support slot on Warrior Soul’s recent UK tour purely on the basis of this rock out debut! Originally called ‘The Shit’, this 8 legged rock machine where formed when Supragod guitarist Joan Vieru hooked up with the Elk brothers and drummer Andreas Westerland. Fast forward and having morphed into Cheerleader, “Vegas Or Bust” was penned and released, catching the eye of ex Supragoder Rille Lundell, now a member of Warrior Soul, and there you have it folks, 9 tracks of pure swanky rock in the groove of the Foo Fighters, Hellacopters and yes, even a hint of the ol’ GnR swagger on songs like ‘Arrange’, ‘Wherever You May Be’ and the thumping anthemic ‘Dead End Town’. Deffo not girlie but give ’em a chance and you’ll be cheering too!

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