Chestburster – “Slime and Guilt”

Chestburster – “Slime and Guilt” (Svart Records)

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Outsider music from the lowlife elite. On the face of it, I’d have little time for these seeming losers from small town Finland drowning their woes in cheap beer n weed, trashy 70s movies and most sacrilegious, defiling the one of the greatest films of all time in “Alien”. And that cover – yech – what is that, gay SM crap or some Scandinavian naturist herbal loving, well…crap? Weirded out, I then put “Slime and Guilt” on. And what I get is nothing short of awesome! Self described as ‘raw psychedelic rock’ this trio take inspiration from nihilistic 70s proto punk bands The Stooges, MC5 and The Dictators, but twisted into a noise that would have even black and death metal bands aghast at their fucked up sound. Even more jaw dropping is that when they’re calmer, Chestburster throw out some of the most amazing rock n roll inspired by legends like Johnny Thunders – and no less self destructive – into drink n drugs monster benders like ‘Gas Station Pilgrim’, ‘Experienced Virgin’ and the epic, wasted ending of ‘Ice Age Inside My Head’. Not in a long, long time have I heard such Jekyll and Hyde characters (and very often its hard to tell which is which) as extreme intensity and blissful tranquility cross paths time and again through roughly strummed bass, blissful Scandi melodies, dirty sewer riffs, wild blues soloing, trippy saxophone, man mountain vocals, man…..the list is endless. Concocted, rather than composed through pure unadulterated emotional expression, “Slime and Guilt” is one of those rare, in the moment releases – in this case limited to 350 vinyl pressings – made by outcasts on the fringes of a boring, nondescript society that screams out for humanity from its very soul.

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