Children Of Bodom – “Halo Of Blood”

Children Of Bodom – “Halo Of Blood” (Nuclear Blast)

This is the 8th album from these Finnish melodic deathsters and in many ways it’s a return to the old days. For a start, they are back on Nuclear Blast, the label they were first licensed to for their first 3 albums as well as tours. Additionally, Peter Tägtgren, who was involved in the production of their all important 3rd album “Follow The Reaper” is once again back at the helm. Musically, the band have also returned to their roots given the blast beats – yes BLAST BEATS – and metallic clanging guitars on the likes of ‘Your Days Are Numbered’ which are highly reminiscent of one of their inspirations, namely the legendary Dissection (guess that album cover is no coincidence then either – Ed). Elsewhere they even go for a dark ballad in ‘Dead Man’s Hand On You’ where main man Alex Laiho interestingly shifts his usual raw death vocals for a deep drawl backed by a slow but heavily melancholic riff. In the main, the rest of the material like opener ‘Waste Of Skin’ follow the classic Bodom sound of epic guitar driven melodies amidst an aggressive, pounding rhythm brilliantly contrasted by even more atmospheric melodies courtesy of Janne Wirman’s keyboards. Thoroughly enjoyable, “Halo Of Blood” is a superb return to fine form for Laiho & co, drawing from the best of their past to meet today’s world head on – and all in undeniable Bodom style!

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