Children Of The Sün – “Flowers”

Children Of The Sün – “Flowers” (The Sign Records)
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Winners of the Swedish national music competition ‘Livekarusellen’, Children Of The Sün soon followed up by playing events such as ‘Putte I Parken’, Arvika Hamnfest’ and ‘Karl Oskarsdagarna’ before releasing a self titled EP. Now signed, “Flowers” is their debut and resonates flower power in all its 60s glory from start to finish! However, while the 8 members of the group look in every sense like hippies as defined by the 1969 Woodstock Festival featuring Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker, they don’t appear to re-create as much of that psych driven wildness on the 8 tracks making up “Flowers”. Rather, there is a clean, freedom loving nature about the material probably inspired by the deep woods of Värmland situated around the environs of the band. Led by the pure, tender vocals of Josefina Berglund Ekholm and backed by the loving power harmonies of Ottilia Berglund Ekholm and Wilma Ås, the incredible singing is undoubtedly the focal point of the band, although the stylish, moving guitar of Jacob Hellenrud who draws in blue grass and slide work also adds its fine measure in no small quantity. Backed by the equally heartfelt organ of Anna Nilsson and the subtle, but definitely noticeable percussion of Sara Berkesi, the sheer number of musicians more than makes up the weight in giving the music full form on this album! Led by Nilsson’s pomp organ and the tabla drumming of Christoffer Eriksson on ‘Like A Sound’, Josefina’s angelic vocals brings in the full sunshine burst through her deep folk melodies on the highly catchy chorus while the band hit hard occasionally on the punchlines. Handling the quieter pieces just as ably on the 7 minute ‘Beyond The Sun’ accompanied by Hellenrud’s delicately plucked guitar and Berkesi’s beautiful percussion, the choir of Ottilia and Wilma adds its own light touch to really mellow you out (if you’ve not already done so by the 7 prior laid back tracks) and the huge feelgood factor cannot be understated, while the injection of power at the last minute is no less stirring in its emotional reach. With a superb choice of single in ‘Her Game’ through its groovy rhyming lyrics and chorus lines of ‘…don’t let her stay…she calls your name..’, Hellenrud adds his own luring string work before exploding into full boogie mode with his axe wailing and then in a blinding instant returns to trippy bliss led by Josefina’s vocal charm – superb! Definitely different and somewhat unexpected, Children Of The Sün have what it takes – man, they could even be Sweden’s next ABBA.
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