CHONTARAZ “Rondamauh”


Battle Helm Rating

I gotta admit that everything about this band’s name and the album title leaves me with a big jaw dropping. Not because it is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard but because I have no, or very little, idea how to properly pronounce the band name or the album title. This Norwegian band differs from most native bands in that they aren’t black metal. I honestly don’t know right now where to place them but as far as I can hear there are elements of heavy metal, modern metal and a tad power/prog/thrash too in there. This mix, in the wrong hands can be a recipe for disaster but CHONTARAZ manages to walk that thin line. This is a really strong metal album with a very strong potential. The potential to attract metalheads from all over the sub-genres. The sound is not your typical Norwegian or even European. It feels more American. I like this the way I like Evergrey. Big scopes. Anders Ekdahl

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