CHONTARAZ “Speed The Bullet”

“Speed The Bullet”

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I recently went through my unplayed CD collection when I noticed an album by Norwegian CHONTORAZ. I gotta admit that I had forgotten about being sent that one. Not that I haven’t listened to the music on it because I have but it, I had forgotten that I had the CD too. This time I will not make that mistake. From what I do remember about the previous CD this band turned into another new Norwegian metal fave. I really hope that this new one builds on that and leaves mew in awe. This new album is not a bad one. If you like you metal a bit on the extreme side but don’t want the full on experience then this is the stuff for you. I am not saying that this is weak stuff. I am saying that there are bands more extreme than this. But this is still hard enough to appeal to my more extreme side. This is just as good as I remember the last album to be. There is a groove to this that I like. It is easy to let your head bop along to the music. A really nice one. Anders Ekdahl

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