Chrome Division – “Infernal Rock Eternal”


Chrome Division – “Infernal Rock Eternal” (Nuclear Blast Records)

When Black Metal meets biker rock! Originally formed by none other than Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath and The Kovenant’s Lex Icon, Chrome Division has since morphed to include the cream of Norway’s metal scene. A complete departure from their main bands – and intentionally so – the purpose of this project was a creative outlet for the members’ other rock music interests as well as something less pressured from a business perspective. The result is a buncha rockers having fun playing some bad ass biker rock n roll along the lines of Black Label Society with moments of Alter Bridge and unsurprisingly Motorhead chucked for good measure – along with a few beers I would imagine! Susperia’s Shady Blue provides the gruff vocals that occasionally trip out while Gromth’s Damage and Shagrath (here in a guitar capacity) crank out monster god riffs like a revving Harley while the rhythm just chugs away merrily on songs like ‘The Absinthe Voyage’, ‘Reaper On The Hunt’ and ‘You’re Dead Now’. Musically it’s all been done before, but being from Norway, there’s a definite Scandinavian feel especially in the melodies and even a somewhat epic feel to some of the material but in the main “Infernal Rock Eternal” should be appreciated as straight from the heart rock played by guys not too ashamed to remember when they were rock fans themselves.

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