“Dawn Of Fury”
(To React Records)
I am glad that I don’t have chronic hate. Do you know how time consuming that would be? But all jokes aside, this is a totally new band to me and as I’m a huge sucker for new bands I really want to check this one out. So, please Windows media player start the record. With a name like Chronic Hate this could only start one way; full on blast. And while it does blast I wouldn’t mind if it had blown my socks off a bit more. As it is now they are just half way off. This is to my ears a cross between death and thrash while not making it totally deathrash. Kinda like if you crossed Slayer with Cannibal Corpse and the Cannibal part takes up more space. Throw in some really cool thrash solos and you get a full picture of what this is like. Chronic Hate did not disappoint. Anders Ekdahl

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