Battle Helm Rating

CHRONUS are new to me despite them being native to my hometown of Helsingborg, Sweden. I don’t know if that says more about me than it does the band. Knowing this I feel rather excited about giving this a listen. Perhaps they’ll end up being my local faves. From the promo pics I expected this to be some sort of Ghost replica and in a way it is. I am not a great fan of Ghost. I don’t really get them at all. And I kinda feel a bit like this with CHRONUS too. I don’t really know which foot they stand on. It is not bad. I like what I hear and I dig it. I can just not relate to it one hundred percent. But you don’t need to know where a band is coming from all the time to like it. This album is proof of that. As an album this is good stuff. There is a melancholic vibe to this that I like. It isn’t cheerful and happy stuff. This one wasn’t too shabby an album. Anders Ekdahl

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