Chuck Mosley And VUA – “Demos For Sale”


Chuck Mosley And VUA – “Demos For Sale” (EMP Label Group)

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Already establishing itself as a fast up n coming label, Dave Ellefson’s EMP Label Group is throwing out some amazing releases from both new and veteran acts. Legendary Faith No More vocalist Chuck Mosley is next, going back to his debut solo 2009 release “Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food” that featured guests like Korn’s Jonathon Davis, Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum and Rob Zombie’s guitarist, John 5. Recorded over several years and featuring his backing band, the Vandals Against Illiteracy (VUA), the album came out to mixed reviews with many finding it too off the wall and diverse – ironic when you consider that that was the initial reaction many had to Faith No More when they began! “Demos For Sale” is a compilation of demos and early mixes  ‘.. as a better representation of their initial vision for the songs…’ from that 2009 release. Diverse it certainly is from the post punk noise screamo of ‘Tractor’ to the trippy alt rock ballad ‘Sophie’ written about Mosley’s youngest daughter to the punk pop wah of ‘Punk Rock Movie’ and the dark n heavy bass driven ‘Bob Forest’. But I did like ‘The Enabler’ featuring Jonathon Davis and John 5, mixing hard stomping rock and raw guitar with Mosley’s trippy rapping mixing in remarkably well and of course, a cover of Faith No More’s own ‘We Care A Lot’ given a more street sound with Mosley  rapping coolly all over it. With all the songs having a good sound I wouldn’t see this as a ‘B list’ (re)issue but a worthy contemporary complement to the original release and moreover, attesting to why Mosley remains a cult figure and luminary to many across the world.

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