Church Of Misery – “Master Of Brutality”

Church Of Misery – “Master Of Brutality” (Metal Blade / Rise Above Records)

Japanese Doom Metal LOL?! Well, yeah, that’s what people said all those years ago about Japanese motorcycles and lookit today! Same deal here: these guys have stoned themselves out on the finest weed from Okinawa to crank out this fucked up piece of ultra heavy down tuned doom / feedback noise dirge. “Master Of Brutality” is in fact the band’s debut originally issued in 2001 so the influences take me back a few years from the songs being named after serial killers like ‘Ripping Into Pieces (Peter Sutcliffe)’, ‘Boston Strangler (Albert de Salvo)’ and the title track dedicated to the boy exterminating insane clown John Wayne Gacy – this ain’t flowers in your hair hippydom but the fuckin Manson family gone amok in your pad maaaan! It’s no surprise that Church Of Misery sound like that other fucked up cult band Iron Monkey cos they shared a split release with them back in the late 90s. However, vocally Church Of Misery are quite different with Negishi(?) sounding like Lemmy on a bad trip compared to Johnny Morrow’s (RIP) screech core (or Ozzy’s early Sabbs wailing for that matter). Disturbing, loud, and totally fucked beyond your wildest dreams!

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