CHURCH OF THE DEAD “Vol 1 – Stay Out Of My Grave”

“Vol 1 – Stay Out Of My Grave”
(NightLust Records)
Finnish doomy metal might not be what the weather preaches but when if not now on a cold and gray January day is it more appropriate to listen to something gloomy. CHURCH OF THE DEAD by name alone makes me hope for something along the lines of Reverend Bizarre. Doom metal with a groove. And while there is a doomy feeling to the music is nowhere close to doom metal or Reverend Bizarre. This is much more old school death/thrash in an updated Kreator/Celtic Frost vein. The sound is raw as barb wire on a high fence. This is metal for those of us into bands like Nifelheim and the likes. Old school without sounding dated. And while this wasn’t what I hoped for this one turned out cool anyway. Good on you Finns. Anders Ekdahl

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