CIANIDE “Hell’s Rebirth”

“Hell’s Rebirth”
(Deepsend Records)
I don’t know what it is that they put in the water in Chicago but over time we’ve seen numerous great metal bands come from the windy city. Just go through your collection and you’ll see that you have more bands from that town than you thought at once. Cianide are not new in any sense of the word. This is actually a re-release. But hey, when it is good it is good no matter how old it is. Cianide I remember from reading fanzines back in the 80s and 90s. Somehow I managed to miss out on them completely. This is thrash metal the way it was done in the crack between thrash and death. This is raw and to the bone metal. This is the stuff that used to hit us on the head all the time before we were subjected to a whole array of sub-genres. This is metal from an easier time. This is metal that thrashes with the best. Anders Ekdahl

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