CIEN “Ecce Homo”

“Ecce Homo”
(Old Temple)
I have no idea how to pronounce this band’s name but that doesn’t matter that much to me. As long as I’ll be able to understand the music they can have the most unpronounceable name in the world. If you live in Sweden you’ll remember that Ecce Homo was photo installation that got a lot of slack years back because of its content. Don’t think this has much to do with that to be honest. I don’t know why but it seems that there is a whole different way of thinking musically in central/eastern Europe than up here in the north. I get more off beat albums from bands in central/eastern Europe than I get from Scandinavia. CIEN are not that off beat but they have that edge of not really conforming to the norm about their black metal. A more artsy vibe. But still so bloody good. Anders Ekdahl

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