Circle Of Reason – “A Favour For A Stranger”

Circle Of Reason – “A Favour For A Stranger” EP (

For a modest 3 tracker EP, England’s Circle Of Reason certainly generate quite a stir with their flashy brand of alt grunge rock that combines Alter Bridge, The Smashing Pumpkins and Muse. Mellow, laid back Cobain-esque vocals mix with dirty grunge riffing and powerful melodies on atmospherically charged songs like ‘Sea Of Voices’, ‘Chasing The Sun’ and ‘Silver Scene’ – all of which are video singles that have graced the likes of Kerrang! TV, Scuzz and Lava TV! Equally so, the band have toured with a range of bands from Girlschool to Fighting With Wire to Idiom, attesting to both the diversity in their music and thus corresponding appeal to a wide range of fans, although I would say it’s the quality and depth of songwriting which is the measure of this poignant band.

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