CIRCLE OF SILENCE “The Rise Of Resistance”

“The Rise Of Resistance”
OK they might be on their third album but I gotta say that if I’ve heard of them before I’ve totally forgotten about it. But it is never too late to discover new acts no matter how many album they’ve released prior to the discovery. This is power/heavy metal in an up-tempo way that makes my heart pump that little extra. There is an epic feel to the music. Much like albums by bands that I listened intensely to in the 90s. There is an old school feel to this album, that this is music of a long lost era. Not that I mind. Great metal is timeless metal. And there is a timeless feeling to CIRCLE OF SILENCE’s metal. You get an album full of great riffs, strong vocals and melodies to enjoy. What more can you expect from a power metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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