CIRCLES “Eye Embedded”

“Eye Embedded”
Listening to Circles I get images of every band playing/trying to be like Meshuggah and failing miserably. Not that Circles fail but then they are not a Meshuggah clone. I just get that image that had not Meshuggah existed and Djent had become a sub-genre we might not have seen Circles in the incarnation we now get to experience. Take away the melodic vocals and you’ll end up with music that twists and turns like an epileptic fit. I gotta hand it to the band. They do their thing so well that I’m not even bothered that the music has more twists and turns than the Nurburg-ring in Germany. It is like being taken on the ride of the week just listening to “Eye Embedded”. There is so much to experience/take in that you are pretty glad it is only 5 tracks long. I don’t know how I’d felt after a full album. I’m pretty knackered as it is now. Two thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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