CIRCUS OF LAMIA “Welcome Madness”

“Welcome Madness”
Circus Of Lamia. With a name like that you kinda expect the most crazy metal you’ve ever heard in your life but the truth be told this is pretty middle of the road death/goth/whatever metal. Again it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. You got the angelic female vocals, the beastly growling and some down tuned death metal guitars. It could end there and just be a bland interpretation but I think I can hear something brewing in the background. It the embryo of something bigger to come once the band finds its footing. Can they stop slipping around as much as they do and find a sustainable path they might be on the right track to stardom. At least they got the look for it. All made up in a fashion becoming the band name. Can they only get the music to match that even more they’ll stand out like a Kawasaki at a Harley gathering. Anders Ekdahl

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