Cirith Ungol – “Servants Of Chaos”

Cirith Ungol – “Servants Of Chaos” 2 CD/1 DVD (Metal Blade)

True to the album title and drummer Robert Garvin’s words (see recent Battlehelm interview – Ed), Cirith Ungol remain one of the most enigmatic proto metal bands EVER. Drawing inspiration from the (still) spaced out 70s, Cirith Ungol’s music was an eclectic blend of prog and hard rock characterized Tim Baker’s unique high vocals, Michael “Flint” Vujea’s jazz like bass runs, and Jerry Fogle’s far out (and I mean waaay out there man) guitar. At times sounding like a Spinal Tap jamming session, Cirith Ungol nevertheless went on to inspire bands in the early 80s, and especially on the West Coast – mainly thru the proto metal sounds and styles they were experimenting with – although true to their eventual cult status, never actually made it themselves! It is perhaps this legacy that has caused the band never to be forgotten and paved the way for this special release 2 CD/1 DVD double digipak made up of a collection of rare and live tracks, including old chesnuts like ‘King Of The Dead’, ‘Better Off Dead’ and ‘Master Of The Pit’. Even more ancient is the DVD: an entire, rarely seen live show, shot on November 9th, 1984 at the storied, and now defunct, Wolf and Rissmiller’s Country Club in Reseda, CA. True to the band’s nature, there is nothing ‘official’ about this either – according to Garvin ‘…this amateur video was never meant to be released. The audio was taken off the mixing console. As we were an opening act, we had little or no sound check, room on stage, and restricted access to the lighting and sound. Regardless, this rare and primitive video is one of the few ever taken of the band!..’.

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