“Up Yours”
(RockSector Records)
I often wonder why hardrock/metal is so male dominated on the performer side. With half the population or more being female there should logically be just as many females being good at playing hardrock/metal and not just be satisfied with being the spectator. Thankfully we see an increase in females taking action every year. Norwegian Citizen Charlie’s album might have been out a while now but it seems that it hasn’t been given the right kind of promotion because I hadn’t heard of it before it dropped by my mail box. There is a minor bluesy feeling to the bands hardrock (yes, Charlie is a woman, the rest are guys) that gives me a slight Whitesnake/Thunder feel. Hardrock in that vein got my juices flowing in the early 80s. I still manage to go wild over it if it is done the right way. And this is pretty much done the right way for me. There is an attitude to it that I like. A “we take no shit” kinda feeling. Anders Ekdahl

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