The Clan Destined – “In The Big Ending”

The Clan Destined
The Clan Destined – “In The Big Ending” RE-ISSUE (Hammerheart Records)

An avant garde, pagan side project started by none other than Skyclad’s Martin Walkyier, The Clan Destined soon attracted powerful collaborators in Immortal’s bassist Iscariah, scene respected guitarist James Murphy and world renowned producer Andy Sneap, resulting in a demo CD that finally came out in 2006, although the stark reality was that it was recorded in 2004, after which the band broke up and had to be self financed. Musically it was a radical departure from Walkyier’s prior folk work (and probably intentionally so) leaning more towards the dark, electronic rock of The Kovenant. But The Clan Destined went further with Walkyier’s English eccentricity running wild by bringing in both heavy rock along with punk on ‘Devil For A Day’ and new wave influences, and especially those of The Teardrop Explodes Julian Cope on the likes of the rock electronica of ‘I Am Because We Are!’ or the ambient house rock of ‘More Than War’. Just check out the cover and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Walkyier’s pagan edge remains in his rough n ready vocals that almost erupt into rap during the raucous ‘Swinging Like Judas’ with its heavy chugging riffs contrasting brilliantly with some dance pop keyboard melodies and backed by subtle operatic wailing as Walkyier screams ‘Swing!!!’ – superb! Being who he is, the lyrics are again something else, a veritable stab in the minds of anyone espousing any form of bigotry, racism or narrow-mindedness from ‘…Christian, Pagan, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh & Jew…We better learn to live as one or else this planet’s fucked..’. It all comes together in the stupendous ‘TC Lethbridge’ written about the British 1900s explorer, archaeologist and parapsychologist. A rabble rousing rocker as Walkyier proudly proclaims ‘..we are forward thinking motherfuckers..’, its guitar melodies and the electric singalong chorus of ‘..t.c.l.e.t.h.b.r.i.d.g.e..’ will be in your head for days like Tesla’s ‘Edison’s Medicine’. It’s so great to hear these songs again and no matter the schism between Walkyier and Iscariah, The Clan Destined is rumored to be once again in the works, now featuring British rock guitarist Jacqui Taylor. Whatever the case, Walkyier’s keeping his cards close to chest, patiently recruiting like minded individuals and I for one am prepared to wait, especially if the outcome to this outstanding release is a similar one.

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