I do not know CLAUDIO DEORICIBUS but from the Italian press release I gather that he was born in 1973 in Cagliari, Italy and that he picked up the guitar at age 8. I also gather that he has released as couple of albums prior to this one but that is as far as I get reading Italian. Don’t know how relevant he is to Battle Helm or what genres he moves in although I did pick up the word Flamenco. Hopefully that isn’t what we can expect to get from this album. Well, this might not be the usually Battle Helm fodder but as a break from a massive thrash overdose this works like cotton for the ears. So if you like flamenco guitar playing you might find pleasure in this. I’m fascinated by the technique and the emotion that goes into the flamenco guitar and for that reason alone this album interest me. Anders Ekdahl

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