CLAYMOREAN ”Sounds From a Dying World ”

”Sounds From a Dying World ”
(Stormspell Records)

Battle Helm Rating

As you might know by now I am a sucker for female fronted metal. I cannot get enough of it. No matter the sub-genre. If it is female fronted I want to know of it and I want to own the records (I really want all the CDs I can get sent). CLAYMOREAN is a Serbian epic metal band. Just the words epic and metal in combination with a female singer sends me into a spin so violent that it makes a rollercoaster ride seem tame in comparison. I love bands like Doomsword that are epic and grand. The stuff you can shake your fist to. CLAYMOREAN have a more power metal feel to their metal. Not so much the “to battle we march” feeling I had hoped for; the more anthem like sound. But this is so full of life that I have a hard time not liking it. This is the stuff I like to listen to when I drive because it makes the journey so much quicker. And if you are a bunch of people in the car you can have a “Wayne’s World” kinda moment. And that is just epic. Anders Ekdahl

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