COAL AND CRAYON “World Asleep”

“World Asleep”
I’ve never been much for drawing. I’m completely useless at it to be honest. But I’ve seen incredible things being done by COAL AND CRAYON that I hope the band will too come up with. Not knowing too much about this band will surely let me attack it with a clear mind. This was much harder than I expected. Not that it is death metal hard but I kinda expected some sort of melody driven hardrock but this is so much more alternative. If you can imagine stoner rock gone metal you might get a small clue to where this is coming from. Add to it some Mastodon and some of the harder acts that came out of the nu metal spectacle and that should give you an idea of how this sounds like. But that is just part of the truth. Whatever they sound like I like it. There is a charm to this that is hard to dislike. Anders Ekdahl

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