Cocaine Piss – “Passionate And Tragic”

Cocaine Piss – “Passionate And Tragic” (Hypertension Records)
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By now establishing themselves as one of the most intensively touring bands on the European punk scene, averaging about 150 gigs a year from Norway to Portugal, across the UK and Lithuania, playing squats to big summer festivals, Cocaine Piss continue their meteoric rise with this sophomore still under the wing of legendary recording engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Manic Street Preachers, Helmet, Neurosis, Cheap Trick etc etc etc). Formed in the unassuming Belgian city of Liège just five years ago, the dementedly named Cocaine Piss certainly live up to their name, be it in Mathias’s wild, frantic guitar or the utterly insane vocals of Aurelie. With a winning punk sound inspired by the Dead Kennedy’s, Bikini Kill and Silverfish, the fast noise aggression of Cocaine Piss is certainly not without talent in its eclectic fusion, be it through catchy licks, ball grabbing melodies and memorable lead breaks while the high girlie wails of Aurelie, totally off the wall and all in a world of her own, amazingly fit into it all – and with such style! Backed by the heavy rhythm of Farida’s deep bass and Yannick’s drumming, the masterful work of Albini adds the finishing touches to the 12 short, sharp but certainly sweet electric tracks on this sophomore. From the stamping ‘Dry Mouth’ with its dirty, off key guitar throwing in some catchy noise, Yannick speeds up the tempo along to Farida’s phat bass as Aurelie throws a girlie fit to make any child tantrum meaningless in the moshpit. On ‘Something For You To Worry About’ the simple but catchy riffing this time in tune to Aurelie’s more structured singing is more cohesive, at least initially until the inevitable explosive outburst that will clearly go down a treat live, even if its only 2 1/2 minutes long (although its the 3rd longest track here!). On the somewhat more tempered, if heavier thanks to its dirty guitar and bass mix, ‘Eat The Rich’ resonates the thud of Yannick’s drums as the wails from Mathias and yips from Aurelie give this track a grunge / noise / punk mix that’s difficult to ignore along with the droned out feedback ending. Definitely one for the nutters (with class)!
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